Hi there!2028Feedback for Stalltalk

Total Net Feedback: 86
Positive Feedback %: 100 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 26
Tecmoers who left a negative: 0
All positive feedback received: 86
All negative feedback received: 0

Feedback Left by Opponents for Stalltalk
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Comment Opponent Box
No Comment dynastydegeorge Game 73686
No Comment dynastydegeorge Game 73685
No Comment dynastydegeorge Game 73684
good TPC rival. lost the state for my victory whoops ragu0012 Game 65824
“total yards comparison: 59 to 265 8-bit Game 61880
“GG Man GorillaBrav Game 61810
“Cool guy GorillaBrav Game 61707
8-bit Game 61274
gg 8-bit Game 61253
gg 8-bit Game 61252
“GG kujjaquaq Game 61169
GG kujjaquaq Game 61168
GG kujjaquaq Game 61167
“I’m pretty rusty Matlisab Game 60956
Early fumble on KO boned the Chiefs. gg LuckyTool Game 60928
johny_mx Game 59962
johny_mx Game 59961
Stalltalk was bit by the turnover bug. Good game. DrFrolf Game 59900
ryanr33fulcher Game 59174
GG. Great effort to start the 2nd half to make it close tecmoaddict Game 59128
“Deburg=100% yoyd29 Game 57865
Nigerian Nightmares tonight…. last sec fg! yoyd29 Game 57864
iceage380 Game 57701
2/19 explains everything 😛 TecMongrel Game 57675
Defensive mayhem TecMongrel Game 57674
dokkenbfta Game 57627
good game stayed close dokkenbfta Game 57626
“Tackled Humphrey at the 10 with no time left kamphuna8 Game 57607
“Two end zone Aikman incompletions to end the game kamphuna8 Game 57606
“He always takes away my run and out taps me runninwithdabear Game 57546
“another close on vs st runninwithdabear Game 57528
“Early bomb to Ris+Late score puts falcs over the top kamphuna8 Game 57468
“Ironhead Heyward was my mvp with two long kreturns kamphuna8 Game 57465
“Tight Defensive Battle kamphuna8 Game 57464
jjo724 Game 57440
jjo724 Game 57439
GG. Actually had a comeback after 14-0 hole tecmoaddict Game 57393
ahake21 Game 57349
GG. True battle that the KC D won fair and square. DrFrolf Game 57302
GG. SEA players in BAD condition=not enjoyable. Bob stomped. DrFrolf Game 57295
“It was 14-14 runninwithdabear Game 57221
I need to score in the RZ hes a beast on D n the RZ. runninwithdabear Game 57220
“had my chances runninwithdabear Game 57219
“brutal Offense 4me here runninwithdabear Game 57174
runninwithdabear Game 57173
“nice guy runninwithdabear Game 57120
Whoever had it last was going to win. Great game. DrFrolf Game 57046
GG. Fun games and a true sportsman. Recommended. DrFrolf Game 57045
GG. Haddix had a hay day. Good guy to play. DrFrolf Game 57044
Thomas and Okoye just too much to overcome. GG. DrFrolf Game 56998
He played great D and picked Saints D apart. GG. DrFrolf Game 56997
Bad fumble near endzone made this look bad. GG. DrFrolf Game 56996
jjo724 Game 56977
jjo724 Game 56976
great day for aikman!! tecmocowboys Game 56975
phew soo close!! tecmocowboys Game 56974
jjo724 Game 56958
jjo724 Game 56957
gg bobnelson129 Game 56895
gg bobnelson129 Game 56894
gg BobNelson129 Game 56893
gg BobNelson129 Game 56892
“GG. New Orleans can run it tecmoaddict Game 56887
GG and great guy to play. Nice start to TPC. DrFrolf Game 56878
GG and great guy to play. Nice start to TPC. DrFrolf Game 56875
GG and great guy to play. Nice start to TPC. DrFrolf Game 56872
det wins! gg joeegats Game 56867
gg BobNelson129 Game 56863
gg skidrow1501 Game 56705
ggs skidrow1501 Game 56627
gg close so hard to score on pitt d!! tecmocowboys Game 56596
wow jj in last 10 seconds of game to kick game winner!! tecmocowboys Game 56595
“ATL qb play was woeful tecmodell42 Game 56587
rams defense is terrible lol tecmocowboys Game 56560
bo jackson all day lol tecmocowboys Game 56559
came back right at the end 50 seconds left with a long jj!! tecmocowboys Game 56558
TOs killed him. gg Mad cap Game 56535
gg skidrow1501 Game 56505
gg man couldnt stop the run tecmocowboys Game 56492
stupid saftey and fumble killed me tecmocowboys Game 56215
dokkenbfta Game 56141
tecmocowboys Game 56111
GG defensive battle!! lOaklandRaidersl Game 56025
gg skidrow1501 Game 56002
Great player..another one down to the wire dynastydegeorge Game 55955
GREAT PLAYER TPC? TPC? dynastydegeorge Game 55913