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tight one throughout, gg kamphuna8 Game 77445
domo arigato mr roboto for those fumbles kamphuna8 Game 77444
No Comment skills324 Game 77409
No Comment skills324 Game 77405
No Comment skills324 Game 77404
No Comment Elvis Game 76818
No Comment Elvis Game 76817
No Comment ptitteri Game 76785
No Comment ptitteri Game 76784
gg – some tough fumbles for Mr.R, and Rod Woodson made some epic INTs ptitteri Game 76783
No Comment Elvis Game 76781
No Comment Elvis Game 76780
No Comment ptitteri Game 76744
No Comment ptitteri Game 76676
No Comment ptitteri Game 76675
No Comment ptitteri Game 76674
gg Mr. R. was a good sport suffering through a barrage of lucky guessed plays in this one ptitteri Game 76573
gg – Hilliard and a “good” Walsh proved a little too much for the Jets D ptitteri Game 76572
No Comment skills324 Game 76495
gg skills324 Game 76494