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Total Net Feedback: 317
Positive Feedback %: 99.38 %
Tecmoers who left a positive: 50
Tecmoers who left a negative: 1
All positive feedback received: 319
All negative feedback received: 2

Feedback Left by Opponents for Ryan11p
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This was miami vs rams…it was a marcy rule ending in the 3rd bruddog Game 77515
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77497
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77496
No Comment kamphuna8 Game 77495
GG – missed a FG in OT and Ryan capitalised. ptitteri Game 76624
Ryan was very patient in helping me. Also a very good player. Shallahbey Game 76402
No Comment Shallahbey Game 76399
ggs man, thx for the reps! GL in madison! tecmodell42 Game 76162
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 76161
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 76160
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 75943
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 75942
2nd OT game in a row, and a 3rd looked on its way to OT, GGs ryan kamphuna8 Game 75734
gg tundrayeti Game 75166
gg jschuler89 Game 74427
gg, so close jschuler89 Game 74426
gg jschuler89 Game 74425
gg, carrier was on fire jschuler89 Game 74424
2015 March to Glory Quarterfinals. GG! War Machine Game 74225
Dawg Days Championship. Slaughter in Excellent and I won the toss in OT. Gio Game 72177
No Comment gfenerty Game 71972
No Comment gfenerty Game 71970
No Comment SammieSmith33 Game 71967
No Comment chino_pino Game 71897
No Comment chino_pino Game 71880
No Comment chino_pino Game 71879
tough loss. gg Cotton Soy Game 71839
old vet had to show the new kid some new tricks. great game bud. a pleasure. Cotton Soy Game 71838
No Comment Jim Socks 13 Game 71837
Strom brought the Storm SammieSmith33 Game 71829
No Comment cheefzboy86 Game 71794
No Comment cheefzboy86 Game 71792
July 2014 Gio Tourney, GG Ryan, Ryan won toss called CHI RAI, got an early JJ INT and held on kamphuna8 Game 71628
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 71363
Thunderdome RD 4… GG tecmopsycho Game 71186
No Comment chino_pino Game 70912
No Comment chino_pino Game 70911
No Comment chino_pino Game 70910
No Comment purplehaze Game 70761
No Comment purplehaze Game 70760
No Comment purplehaze Game 70759
No Comment purplehaze Game 70758
No Comment purplehaze Game 70757
TPC tourney bgboud2 Game 70354
Ryan11p, much respect for him, he gave me some great info. lucky to meet ppl like him. PJCStyle Game 70302
got out played and threw multi int’s and multi fumble can’t win like that :) PJCStyle Game 70301
I got all the breaks PJCStyle Game 70298
No Comment chino_pino Game 69620
No Comment chino_pino Game 69610
No Comment chino_pino Game 69609
No Comment chino_pino Game 69608
No Comment Gio Game 69367
Taught me a few tricks. Very helpful Gio Game 69366
No Comment Gio Game 69365
No Comment Gio Game 69354
Late fumble return by me otherwise you win Gio Game 69353
Chiefs over Bears. Suddenly had to go after INT and 2:00 left in 3rd. At least he let me get state. chekreyes Game 69343
I actually won 21-14 or something but I wasn’t able to save the state file. jaybjrd Game 69237
Fun, clean game. Thanks. jaybjrd Game 69231
Thanks for the great game. jaybjrd Game 69230
No Comment SammieSmith33 Game 69162
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 69050
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 69049
No Comment hoffnasty9 Game 69048
Great Game It came down to the wire. Then he ran 3 straight on me. hankthetank Game 69047
Game me some advice on how tackles affect condition. Good Game. hankthetank Game 69046
He scored 14 in the 4th to take the lead and seal the deal. Good Game. hankthetank Game 69045
Beat me up good on the rematach. Good Game. hankthetank Game 69044
gg, i have no answers for ryan anymore. chino_pino Game 69035
gg chino_pino Game 69034
No Comment chino_pino Game 68943
No Comment chino_pino Game 68942
No Comment chino_pino Game 68941
No Comment oklahoma Game 68923
No Comment oklahoma Game 68922
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68921
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68920
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68919
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68918
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68908
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68907
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68906
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68905
No Comment tecmodell42 Game 68904
ugly ugly game, strom was the hero somehow ryguy Game 68903
Bills win on last minute TD, gg ryguy Game 68902
Lions got all the breaks, gg ryguy Game 68901
couldn’t stop the passing game, gg ryguy Game 68897
No Comment noonan Game 68894
No Comment noonan Game 68893
No Comment noonan Game 68887
No Comment noonan Game 68884
No Comment diazmjd Game 68877
No Comment diazmjd Game 68876
No Comment diazmjd Game 68875
No Comment DangeRickMirer Game 68874
No Comment DangeRickMirer Game 68873
Pretty even matchup he is a good opponent to play against SammieSmith33 Game 68869
We had some battles today! I like playing. Good sport SammieSmith33 Game 68868
Ryan got the best of me to much Bad Moon Rison for the Saints to handle. Ironhead whats up? SammieSmith33 Game 68864
No Comment diazmjd Game 68840
No Comment diazmjd Game 68839
No Comment diazmjd Game 68838
ugly game ryguy Game 68772
this game was pretty laggy ryguy Game 68771
“td in final seconds to tie ryguy Game 68770
couldn’t stop the montana rice connection ryguy Game 68769
got ran on pretty good here ryguy Game 68768
Ginge Man Game 68725
Ginge Man Game 68724
erictmcmahon Game 68723
erictmcmahon Game 68722
erictmcmahon Game 68721
erictmcmahon Game 68720
erictmcmahon Game 68719
Ginge Man Game 68665
chino_pino Game 68657
ryan’s controller failed 4th qtr…throw button didn’t register. chino_pino Game 68656
chino_pino Game 68655
oklahoma Game 68640
gg bad beat on account of tecmo gods oklahoma Game 68639
Ginge Man Game 68583
Ginge Man Game 68582
Ginge Man Game 68581
Ginge Man Game 68580
Ginge Man Game 68577
Ginge Man Game 68576
Ginge Man Game 68560
Ginge Man Game 68559
Ginge Man Game 68558
Ginge Man Game 68557
Ginge Man Game 68556
Ginge Man Game 68555
Ginge Man Game 68551
Ginge Man Game 68549
tecmodell42 Game 68436
tpc game. KC over CHI. tecmodell42 Game 68435
tecmodell42 Game 68434
chino_pino Game 67798
chino_pino Game 67797
chino_pino Game 67796
chino_pino Game 67795
chino_pino Game 67794
chino_pino Game 67793
chino_pino Game 67792
chino_pino Game 67761
chino_pino Game 67760
chino_pino Game 67759
chino_pino Game 67758
GG…Thanks for the games tonight hoffnasty9 Game 67691
Tough fumble decided the game hoffnasty9 Game 67690
Thanks for the rematch! hoffnasty9 Game 67689
GG Sir hoffnasty9 Game 67688
Thanks for doing this for me hoffnasty9 Game 67676
hoffnasty9 Game 67675
Thanks for all the advice! You are a class act sir hoffnasty9 Game 67674
hoffnasty9 Game 67673
hoffnasty9 Game 67672
hoffnasty9 Game 67671
chino_pino Game 67633
chino_pino Game 67632
chino_pino Game 67604
chino_pino Game 67603
welcome back to tpc… chino_pino Game 67602
ninjachessmaster Game 66903
gg isukorean21 Game 66831
gg isukorean21 Game 66830
gg in TSBET3 tourney game bradbears81 Game 66695
BucketNast Game 66663
BucketNast Game 66662
BucketNast Game 66661
Jim Socks 13 Game 66441
Jim Socks 13 Game 66440
close one i won on last play with excellent okoye ragu0012 Game 66333
Closer than the score shows Razzle Dazzle Game 66215
gg ryan. tecmo was going my way today. chino_pino Game 66212
gg chino_pino Game 66210
coachtrippe Game 66196
coachtrippe Game 66195
gg ragu0012 Game 66192
gg. gotta take the touchdown! ragu0012 Game 66190
gg man. Fumbled on the goal line as time expired. Tough one to swallow. coachtrippe Game 66181
“Most epic game I have ever played Razzle Dazzle Game 66164
GG! I threw two too many picks hah! Razzle Dazzle Game 66163
“Great game Razzle Dazzle Game 66161
chino_pino Game 66135
chino_pino Game 66134
simmed game. original game was 20-14 OT. chino_pino Game 66133
coachtrippe Game 66132
coachtrippe Game 66090
ninjachessmaster Game 66001
ninjachessmaster Game 66000
“Great game Razzle Dazzle Game 65875
ninjachessmaster Game 65835
This game ended abrubtly on accident. It was the beginning of the 1st qtr and i was bustin his azz! LayzieinFlesh Game 65820
“Lies on people… runs away from defeat LayzieinFlesh Game 65819
chino_pino Game 65813
Jim Socks 13 Game 65793
Jim Socks 13 Game 65792
chino_pino Game 65785
chino_pino Game 65784
chino_pino Game 65783
chino_pino Game 65782
chino_pino Game 65781
chino_pino Game 65780
gg keirre1981 Game 65774
gg keirre1981 Game 65773
gg keirre1981 Game 65772
red98sethuthut Game 65738
red98sethuthut Game 65737
chino_pino Game 65735
chino_pino Game 65734
chino_pino Game 65733
chino_pino Game 65731
“i didn’t deserve to win this chino_pino Game 65727
chino_pino Game 65726
chino_pino Game 65724
chino_pino Game 65723
red98sethuthut Game 65717
jmorris32 Game 65705
jmorris32 Game 65704
red98sethuthut Game 65702
red98sethuthut Game 65701
red98sethuthut Game 65700
chino_pino Game 65693
chino_pino Game 65692
chino_pino Game 65691
chino_pino Game 65690
chino_pino Game 65689
chino_pino Game 65688
chino_pino Game 65687
chino_pino Game 65632
gg. tough with qb eagles. chino_pino Game 65614
gg. that p4 play killed me. chino_pino Game 65613
gg. boomer’s off game hurt my chances. chino_pino Game 65612
Coach Atwell Game 65521
Coach Atwell Game 65520
chino_pino Game 65472
chino_pino Game 65468
chino_pino Game 65458
chino_pino Game 65457
chino_pino Game 65439
“Simmed game chino_pino Game 65433
can’t stop the duo threat chino_pino Game 65423
can’t stop the duo threat chino_pino Game 65422
chino_pino Game 65409
chino_pino Game 65408
ESTL – Week 5. TOs were too many for Ryan11p to overcome. Should have been a closer game. GG chino_pino Game 65406
chino_pino Game 65405
chino_pino Game 65360
chino_pino Game 65359
chino_pino Game 65358
chino_pino Game 65357
chino_pino Game 65342
chino_pino Game 65341
very good dude. hit me up again bro. tough loss. bigmv54 Game 65282
hamburgler2682 Game 65275
gg chino_pino Game 65269
“gg chino_pino Game 65268
gg chino_pino Game 65267
“gg chino_pino Game 65266
chino_pino Game 65262
chino_pino Game 65237
chino_pino Game 65236
“a couple of fumbles by neal ‘the deal’ on my side of the field chino_pino Game 65234
this one stained…like the 4 INTS. gg chino_pino Game 65232
chino_pino Game 65227
gg as always! isukorean21 Game 65200
had my number all night. finally a game w/o any bad breaks. great win in OT! isukorean21 Game 65199
ninjachessmaster Game 65196
overtime. always a close game with ryan. tough opponent ninjachessmaster Game 65195
Another laggy game. Game was a lot closer than the final score. More bad breaks from the Tecmo gods. isukorean21 Game 65192
way to fight through the lag. Rams had my number all night. Tecmo Gods were on KC’s side. isukorean21 Game 65191
diazmjd Game 65184
diazmjd Game 65183
vinnie was too much for me in this one. ninjachessmaster Game 65181
ninjachessmaster Game 65180
gg. tough opponent. good luck on tpc! ninjachessmaster Game 65179
2 Defensive fumbles for TD. Made me look like the 85 Bears ninjachessmaster Game 65178
Another nail biter till the end! great series ninjachessmaster Game 65176
GG! isukorean21 Game 65164
gg chino_pino Game 65156
great game…almost the goal line stand chino_pino Game 65155
“gg chino_pino Game 65154
gg 8-bit Game 61249
gg 8-bit Game 61248
gg 8-bit Game 61244
gg 8-bit Game 61241
gg 8-bit Game 61240
8-bit Game 61237
8-bit Game 61236
gg 8-bit Game 61225
gg 8-bit Game 61224
gg 8-bit Game 61223
gg 8-bit Game 61188
gg 8-bit Game 61187
Amazing game. Strom near perfect throws 2 picks in the 4th Matlisab Game 61150
“Crazy game Matlisab Game 61146
“Elway was near perfect Matlisab Game 61145
“Big Johnny had some nice runs Matlisab Game 61144
PIT Defense held Aikman and company in check Matlisab Game 61143
GG kujjaquaq Game 61142
GG kujjaquaq Game 61141
ggs man GoNickMontana5 Game 61137
ggs man GoNickMontana5 Game 61136
Matlisab Game 61126
Matlisab Game 61125
Onside kick and Humphries in good made this a nailbitter Matlisab Game 61124
Dave Kreig strikes again. Fun game Matlisab Game 61123
B&G ROM scrim dynastydegeorge Game 61119
B & G practice dynastydegeorge Game 61117
“Tolliver was in good Matlisab Game 61116
“Down 14-0 Matlisab Game 61115
B&G ROM scrim dynastydegeorge Game 61112
B & G practice dynastydegeorge Game 61102
B & G practice dynastydegeorge Game 61101
Two first half fumbles hurt CLE. Welcome to TPC! LuckyTool Game 61093
fun games.. nice guy.. play him Stalltalk Game 61041
gg Stalltalk Game 61040
“Good guy; met in person. New to online. Welcome him tecmopsycho Game 61038
Cool dude who’s just starting out. Hit him up for games GoNickMontana5 Game 61036